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Eyelash Extensions - We're Fired Up >=(

Okay guys, we're fired up. Let’s talk about eyelash extensions. We're having lash correction cases come in more and more lately and frankly, it's scary. Eyelash extensions are AAHHHMAZING! They can change the way you feel about yourself, boost confidence and add a whole new level of convenience to your life but there's a dark side too.

Just like you guys, we would hope that if a legitimate licensed professional is advertising a service then that service must be safe because the beauty industry has safety standards set by the state, but way too often that assumption is wrong.

No matter where you go for extensions please, please, please make sure your professional is practicing safely.

This beautiful client has been coming to us for lashes for quite some time now but recently she got into a bind with work meetings and couldn't make it in for a fill (happens to the best of us). She figured she'd pop into a local salon convenient to her route that day and get a fill. This SHOULDN'T have been a problem or a safety risk for her. She should absolutely be able to go into a facility advertising for specific services and SAFELY receive them, but seemingly way too often that just isn't the case. After a few days she could tell something just wasn't right with her eyes. Her extensions felt heavy and itchy. We call these situations "lashmergencies" and got her in the morning after she called to evaluate the situation.

She apologized probably 20 times for going somewhere else. Guys, never apologize for being the victim of a professional practicing unsafely. There’s a very big difference between going somewhere and receiving an unsatisfactory service compared to an unsafe one. If someone offers a service to the public, it's their responsibility to make sure they know what they're doing. That's why they're the professional. Don't get us wrong, honest mistakes can absolutely be made in every profession but the cases we've been seeing are blatant untrained practice by both licensed professionals and unlicensed individuals practicing illegally.

Thankfully, she only had these cluster lashes on for a few days resulting in a minimal amount of breakage/lash loss.

Why are we bringing all of this up?

We want to educate you guys on what true individual eyelash extensions are and what they should feel/look like when applied correctly and safely.

Regardless of whether you choose us for eyelash services or not, this has become a public safety issue that will inevitably tarnish the reputation of the eyelash extension industry as a whole.

We don’t want you guys to think that what’s pictured in this post is normal. Discomfort and natural lash loss is not something you have to accept if you want eyelash extensions.

Correctly applied eyelash extensions are attached individually, meaning one eyelash extension is meticulously applied to one natural lash one-by-one-by-one.

Our natural lashes grow at different rates, if you glue them together for long periods of time you're bound to have the faster growing lashes pull out the slower growing ones. The extensions should be virtually weightless on your lash line. You shouldn't be able to tell much of a difference at all when they're on.

You shouldn't feel adhesive on the skin of your eyelids. If extensions are attached to skin-the risk of irritation and infection become extremely high.

Safely practicing lash professionals use varying lashes and techniques. It all can be very technical but let’s keep it simple.

Here are some safe methods:

“Classic lashes” - One extension to one eyelash at a safe length and weight as not to damage the natural lash.

“Volume lashes” - Specially designed lighter and thinner extensions combined to form a fan then applied at the base of each natural lash. Thickness and length of extensions are custom chosen based on the clients natural lashes.

Here are some unsafe methods:

“Cluster lashes”

Okay, here's where it gets kind of confusing. If you've ever looked at lashes at the drug store then you've probably noticed the "individual" lashes that are sold in packs on the health and beauty aisle. Why do they call them individuals you ask? We. Have. No. Idea. - Lash professionals typically refer to them as “cluster lashes”. They look like 4-6 lashes arranged into a fan and attached at the base by either a knot or adhesive.

These are in no way customized in length or weight to your natural lashes. While these are excellent alternatives to use with short term lash glue for an event or special occasion, these are NOT meant to be applied with semi-permanent adhesive. They WILL cause lash damage. These in particular have been a large percentage of the lash rehab cases we've corrected. They tend to be way too heavy and require far too much adhesive to be used safely with anything other than a short term glue.

"Strip Lashes"

We have been seeing more and more cases of professionals in salons applying these with semi-permanent adhesive and even hair glue! *sigh* If there's a worst case scenario...its these. Just like the cluster lashes, these are great for a night on the town or an occasion but never meant for more than a day or two max.

"Incorrectly Applied Actual Eyelash Extensions"

These cases are particularly bad because the client trusted that their technician was doing the right thing because they were using the right kind of lashes. The right kind of lashes can absolutely still be applied wrong.

The scary part is that it all of these lashes can look great from a distance and clients usually don't realize there's a problem until it's too late and their natural lashes have become so broken and sparse that extensions are no longer an option. The healing process is a long one and depending on follicle damage there’s no guarantee of regrowth. Nothing breaks our heart more than having to break the news to a client who has suffered damage to the point of no return.

- At the end of the day we care about you guys, your eyelashes and above all your eye health.

- If you’re thinking about lash extensions always be sure to ask questions and make sure your technician is knowledgeable and at the very least using safe application techniques.

- If you’ve had a bad experience with poorly applied eyelash extensions resulting in lash loss or damage, please know that there are much better options available and we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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